The Golden Key to IT Careers

Posted on May 02, 2012 by Forte Group in Technology News, Forte News

Get Certified!

If you haven’t thought about getting certified in the fields you’re pursuing right now (or want to pursue), you should. Not only does it give you a leg up in your career by opening up doors to higher, better-paying positions (up to 10 percent more for entry-level certifications and 40 percent for higher-level ones) , it also boosts your standing in the workplace by positioning you as an expert in that field.

Here are a few tests you can take to prove your worth and show everyone that you’re one of the best in your industry.


1. Mobile Development (iOS and Android)

The best kind of certification for mobile development is to actually publish an app. To get you started, you should either enroll in the Apple Developer Program or visit the Android Developer site. Both will give you the tools and resources you need to build and publish apps into each respective app marketplace.


While courses for learning about Android and iOS abound, there currently is no official professional certification in these fields, though there is a beta certificate program from DevSquare



2. Microsoft .NET

For .NET developers, there are a few certifications available for you. You can be a Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) for .NET Framework 1.0 and 1.1 developers, or a Microsoft Certified Professional Developer (MCPD), which as an upgraded path for a specific development specializations.

Learn more about the various certification programs from this site.






3. Java

With Java becoming more and more popular, thanks to the ubiquity of Android. Oracle offers Java certifications depending on the career paths you wish to take. There are learning paths available for Java SE 7, Java EE 6, Java ME 1, among others. You can read more about Oracle’s Java Training and Certification programs here.



 4. Ruby on Rails / Ruby

Ruby on Rails itself doesn’t have official certifications but a few places do give out their own test-based certifications. ExpertRating, for one, offers a test with topics ranging from Rails Helpers to Exception Handling. View it here.


Prometric, a leading testing service, does provide certifications for Ruby itself and is officially endorsed by the Ruby Association. Read more about this certification here.


Like in mobile, the best way to gain recognition for Ruby and Ruby on Rails is by creating  webapps. On top of these, you can and should also contribute to open source projects and share your knowledge by documenting your learnings through blog posts and speaking at meetups and conferences.


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