The Mobile Marketing Conference: Crowdsourcing, Permission Mobile Marketing and More

Posted on Mar 20, 2012 by Larry Fedin in Technology News, Technology Events


It’s day 2 and the mobile frenzy continues.  A lot of great information is being offered and it shall continue to be offered into tomorrow, feel free to follow via twitter page.


Today The Mobile Marketing Conference will be hosting workshops in areas of strategy for measuring how the mobile sector affects your bottom line. The workshop will be hosted by mobile gurus at Capital One Financial Corp, a company that recently launched its own mobile campaign that performed wonders for their own bottom line, so it would be a good idea to look into it. Followed by what should be an excellent workshop to sit in on, titled: Crowdsourcing the hottest Topics in Mobile Marketing.


Yet again we hear this word. It appears as though crowdsourcing has taken the work force by storm and it would be great to jump into the momentum building band wagon and implement it in your organization today. But of course, it would be imperative to understand the essence and correctly apply it. Like a new gadget release, there are always bugs and it’s important to know what to avoid and the “how to’s” before executing such campaigns.


There will be several other wonderful workshops such as: How Permission Mobile Marketing Powers Brand Engagement, and Build Your Brand Through Short and Long Term Mobile Strategies, etc..


All to better engage your consumers. There has definitely been a shift in operation and it’s important to stay with the news, the old saying if it works why fix it, is a thing of the past. Mobile Development and mobile marketing is the new standard, are you ready for it?