The Mobile Marketing Conference

Posted on Mar 19, 2012 by Larry Fedin in Technology Events, Technology News


Today marks the opening day to the much anticipated Mobile Marketing Conference.


Bringing together today's inventive marketers, and putting them on a mission to lay there cards out, and share what you want to know most. The Mobile Marketing Conference is taking place in Miami, Florida and will continue for 3 days and ending the 21st. It will host guest speakers from top companies such as: Google, Pandora, Gap Inc, Intuit and more.


This event highlights the mobile sector and shares what innovative thinkers will be doing next to convert interactions to transactions. Introducing a vigorous agenda of real world case studies shared by the clients themselves in order to mirror the industries learning goals. According to the conference “Mobile marketing is projected to exceed all others as the most influential advertising medium of all time in the near future. Waiting too long to invest is the difference between innovation and extinction”.


The mobile industry is developing faster every year and is becoming more interesting and detrimentally important to stay up to date with. New technologies and the added features they utilize have created a new digital channel for advertising and reaching an audience. With new age advertisements entering cell phone based communications, it will be imperative for you to know how to effectively and efficiently reach them to better your ROI.


Today's Agenda at The Mobile Marketing Conference will host a 3 hour long workshop on the best practices in creating mobile websites. A must know since it’s projected that by 2014 mobile phones will be the the most used method to accessing the internet.

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