Mobile and Software Innovation 2012 | Part 2 of 3: Windows 8

Posted on Mar 13, 2012 by Forte Group in Technology News, Technology Events

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With the growing popularity of Microsoft’s latest Windows 8 operating system, downloads of its “Consumer Preview” edition reached over a million in just one day since its release.Windows 8 features an eye-catching new interface called Metro, boasting of a redesign that is fast, fluid and dynamic. However this time around, desktops and laptops won’t be the only ones that get to enjoy Windows’ latest iteration; tablets and mobile devices will be able to install and experience it as well. To quote The Windows Blog, “It’s the best of Windows 7, made even better.”


Key Features:

    • A new Start screen that replaces the Start menu. It brings the familiar and colorful tiled Windows Phone layout to the desktop for easy access to information, photos, apps, mail and more
    • Unified search which works across everything including apps, files, contacts and the web. Search is also made easier. Just start typing while on the Start screen and the results will appear instantly.
    • Multi-touch gestures for controlling apps.
    • Internet Explorer 10 lets you enjoy websites in full-screen mode, putting the content first and the browser second.
    • Quick access to chores, which are the common tasks you do on your computer like sharing and search.
    • Cloud synchronization for quick access to all your files and info even if you’re using another Windows 8 device.
    • For die-hard fans of the old layout, everything is still there. The control panel, individual windows, desktop and more are still available behind the scenes if you need them.
    • Windows Store which lets you download and install app, much like Apple’s Mac App Store.
    • Includes all the tools you need to develop for Windows like Windows Runtime APIs, Windows 8 SDK for Metro style apps and the Windows Driver Kit.

    With its friendlier layout that encourages sharing and creativity, we believe that Windows 8 will bring a lot of user back into the Microsoft fold. This new focus on usability and design might just be what they need to snatch back some mindshare from competitors like Apple and Google.

    Minimum Requirements:

    • 1 GHz processor
    • 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) RAM
    • 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit) hard disk space
    • Graphics card that supports Microsoft DirectX 9
    • An active internet connection
    • Multitouch capable monitor or tablet to use multitouch gestures
    • Minimum 1024 x 768px screen resolution (1366 x 768px to use the Snap feature for split screen apps)

    Stay tuned for our final blog post on innovative technologies of 2012- available soon!