10 Wackiest Tech Interview Questions and How to Tackle Them

Posted on Mar 12, 2012 by User Not Found in IT Staffing and Recruiting
wackiest interview question

"Oh, no. He didn’t just ask me how to test a toaster…”

As people in the IT industry sometimes claim they are the smartest, they still get panic and sweaty facing some of the wackiest questions during their job interviews. We are astonished every time when we see questions that don’t even make sense used on software engineer candidates or quality assurance analyst. Why these questions, and moreover, if it was you, how would you answer them?


The oddball questions are not designed to embarrass interviewees, but to test you from a new angle. In the end, the company’s intention is the same – to test if you are a good fit for the team. Notice here we are talking about “good fit”, not "excellence". Sometimes hiring is similar to dating, the best match wins. Of course you need to be qualified on hard skills, but in today’s job market, you also need to demonstrate that you are a person who does the job and work smoothly with colleagues, which can be difficult to demonstrate in an IT professional’s resume. Therefore when you come across a strange interview question, calm down first, and try to solve the problem using your expertise, professional skills, and sometimes, your common sense. A lot of these questions don’t have any standard answers. Try your best, and you may even surprise the interviewer in a good way.


Still there are several directions you can use to help you think when facing odd tech interview questions:

  • Is the question testing your math skills? It might be disguised as a nonsense question, but in the end, it just asks you to do some math (like a software engineer can do).
  • Is the question asking you to solve a logic problem? For example, since you know how to test software, why don’t you use the same logic to test a toaster?
  • Sometimes it’s not about your skills. It’s about you. The question might be testing your personality, how you look at certain dilemmas, or how you react under pressure.


Here are 10 wacky interview questions we gather for you. Think over your answers, and tell us in the comments.Want to know our answers? Leave a reply too.