iPads for Enterprise: Are You Ready?

Posted on Mar 08, 2012 by User Not Found in Mobile Development, IT Management


iPads for work

The New iPad is here. While individual customers are getting excited and ready to make the pre-order, enterprises may have a complicated feeling toward this new gadget. iPad and its tablet followers have stolen an increasingly big proportion of user time from the big, old and clumsy PCs. According to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook, 15.4 million iPads were sold in the last quarter. The research firm Gartner has estimated that this number is more than any personal computer sold by any other vendor.  More and more business and computing work will be done on iPads and other tablets. The question here is: are you ready for this change? Here by “you” we mean your enterprise.


Is your enterprise tablet or mobile friendly?

If you still think iPad is designed as a high-tech toy, think again. Like it or not, your employees are using their own gadgets more frequently to complete their work. A research shows that 21% of the employees worldwide use at least one Apple device, while 11% are using a tablet. The sleek and intuitive interface on tablets is winning users’ hearts on enterprise tasks such as email, document sharing, note taking, and schedule management. Also, there are many other tasks which still require a fully dedicated PC or Mac Book.  The challenge for CIOs is how to adjust the policy and achieve the compatibilities across multiple systems and devices in order to actually take advantage of tablets rather than creating more trouble or lowering the efficiency.


Are you moving your business applications onto iPad?

There are already over 200,000 apps developed for iPad. With a rapid growth on tablet usage, it is natural to move business applications onto touch screens. It is helpful for executives or sales managers who are always on the go to have apps on their tablets which enable them to take conference calls, handle spreadsheets, and even seal a deal with clients. Moreover, the improvement on technology makes it possible to use tablets for more complicated tasks like graphic design, video editing, etc. The key here is to understand your workflow and do the homework in order to find the best “recipe” for the collaboration of your enterprise.


What if you are doing mobile development?

The New iPad is certainly having significant impact on mobile development. Take Retina, the hottest feature on the New iPad as an example, it almost doubles the file size in an app just for the sake of high definition. On the other hand, it increases the data consumption for the customers. Therefore when you are developing a new app for your client or your own business, you need to take that into consideration to avoid making your app into a data-guzzling monster and scaring your customers away.


For enterprise IT, the booming of tablets is a serious issue that needs to be addressed or at least considered now. Whether this is a beginning of the end for PCs or not, CIOs should put “iPads for work” on their task list right now.


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