Amaze the World with Mobile Apps

Posted on Oct 03, 2011 by User Not Found in Mobile Development

        “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the earth with a lever.” – Archimedes


Entering the second decade of 21st century, we may twist the well-known quote from Archimedes and make a new statement like this:


“Give me a mobile app, and I shall amaze the world with innovative technology."


mobile app developmentIn fact, mobile application development has changed the way we see the IT industry. What it brings is more than a billion-dollar business and a mobile usage revolution. Mobile development enables individual talent holding dreams to “move the earth” with a lever called “technology”.


You may argue that it takes a big professional team and years of experience to create Angry Birds, but did you know who dethroned the “King of Apps”? Two 29-year-old brothers from Russia. Fraternal twins Efim and Semyon Voinov created a game called Cut the Rope, in which featured a wee green monster Om Nom. So far the game has been downloaded more than 50 million times, and the brothers have expanded their brand into comics, and plush toys.


Efim and Semyon won’t be the only two young people who turned their attention to the mobile development. Eva Sasson and Justin Mardjuki, two full-time college students, pitched their mobile app at the DEMO conference in Sillicon Valley this month, just like other entrepreneurs did.


These two success stories are part of the boom of young talented developers picking up opportunities with mobile development. More importantly, mobile applications have changed the pattern of the IT industry as it opens the world to small business or even individuals. With a popular mobile app, they can reach consumers globally, which could be only achieved by corporate giants before.




Are you in the game? We are. At Forte Group, we take mobile development as one of our most important expertise. Our teams leverage the global resources of IT talent in Midwest US, Belarus, and Ukraine to provide custom staffing solutions and project management services. Being a part of Illinois Technology Association, a vibrant technology community, we are dedicated to fostering IT education, technology collaboration and innovation. This fall, we are proud to sponsor the annual ITA Fall Challenge to help keep the technology talent in Midwest. Our subsidiary, Forte Knowledge, is offering a hands-on and rewarding training program on Android development.


Developers: embrace the power of technology innovation, and seize the opportunity to realize your dream with a single small mobile app in the hands of the whole world’s users. As for us, we are constantly ahead of the curve on the kind of talent with the kind of skills that you need.