• Navigation! Navigation! Navigation!

    by Forte Group on Sep 04, 2012
    2012 guidelines for responsive webs design that works both on mobile apps, smartphones, and the web. How to create webpages that will adhere to smartphone standards, specs, and best practices.
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  • Microsoft Office for Your Tablet

    by Forte Group on Jul 09, 2012
    There are several Microsoft Office applications options currently on the market for iPads and tablets. But, which one is the best? Each option reviewed addresses a particular consumer need. What is the future of Microsoft Office apps? Some speculate that Microsoft Office will be available for iPad and Android tablet in the fall, other opinions reason that Microsoft will keep Office strictly for their Windows 8 tablet coming out in autumn.
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  • Developers Guide to Winning Customer Relations

    by User Not Found on May 30, 2012
    How developers can improve products by keeping their customers in mind. Learning customer requirements and problems can help developers create better products and improve customer relations.
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  • Nokia's Final Push for Reinvention. Nokia Lumia 900

    by Larry Fedin on Apr 11, 2012
    Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to be the device that brings Nokia out of its long slumber. Once being at the top, Nokia needs a heavy push to regain the competitive edge. With help from Microsoft and AT&T Does the phone have the right amount of oomph to bounce back?
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  • Website Mobile Friendliness and the Additional 100 Million

    by Larry Fedin on Mar 29, 2012
    Long story short, if you want to succeed then you need to create an alternative version to your current website. Smartphones are going to be accessing the internet more then computers are. That's over 100 million people that search for local business. Are you welcoming them?
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  • WiLink 8.0 - Could We Finally Start Expecting Improved Battery Life?

    by Larry Fedin on Mar 26, 2012
    With gadgets maintaining such a compact size, it's important to utilize parts that are even more compact and versatile. We introduce to you the WiLink 8.0, a chip from Texas Instruments that may change the game, and improve everything.
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  • So you're building your first application? Native vs Web

    by Larry Fedin on Mar 22, 2012
    Developing an app for your website is a great way to promote and take your business to the next level. We introduce to you a one on one battle between native apps and web apps. With no question, they both are totally applicable and remain equally desirable. However with the niche markets that exist today one method might service you better then the other. Read on and see what's best for you.The fight is on!
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  • The Mobile Marketing Conference: The Last Stand

    by Larry Fedin on Mar 22, 2012
    As The Mobile Marketing Conference comes to a wrap, speakers offer there insights and agree that as fast as the mobile application and marketing industry is growing, it will continue to pick up the pace and continue to develop new styles and thrive. We have crossed into a new territory and it will be important to concentrate your efforts on not only your online presence but your mobile reach as well.
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  • Mobile and Software Innovation 2012 | Part 3 of 3: Boot to Gecko

    by Forte Group on Mar 14, 2012
    Software development and mobile applications could be facing a paradigm shift. The shift towards cloud computing seems more and more real. Introducing Boot to Gecko, a project lead by the brilliant minds at Mozilla have brought the wonders of cloud computing right to your mobile phone. Click to read and see what surprise guests will be collaborating and what it has to offer.
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  • Mobile and Software Innovation 2012 | Part 1 of 3: Ubuntu for Android

    by Forte Group on Mar 12, 2012
    2012 is going to be an exciting year when it comes to innovation of software for all mobile devices. We have searched hi and low to uncover the secrets of the ever changing mobile industry. We have compiled a fresh list of things to look forwards too, so stay tuned...it only get more interesting.
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