• 10 Wackiest Tech Interview Questions and How to Tackle Them

    by User Not Found on Mar 12, 2012
    As people in the IT industry sometimes claim they are the smartest, they still get panic and sweaty facing some of the wackiest questions during their job interviews. Why these questions, and moreover, if it was you, how would you answer them?
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  • Bench Consultants: The Dying Breed

    by User Not Found on Feb 06, 2012
    The "hire-to-bench" era was well into its prime up until the dot com bubble burst in 2001. Since then, the bench consultant began dying a quick death. However, those few companies that employ the model of hiring to the bench are quickly starting to see competitive advantages over those that do not. Here are a few glaring advantages:
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  • Do IT Recruiters Have to Be Technical?

    by User Not Found on Feb 02, 2012
    We’ve seen too many blog posts written by developers or techies complaining how IT recruiters are clueless about technologies. Before we jump to a solution for that problem, we want to ask: Do technical recruiters have to be technical?
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  • 6 Non-Tech Winning Skills for IT Leaders

    by User Not Found on Oct 20, 2011
    The role of IT is changing, faster and greater than ever. IT leaders today are required to be more agile in decision-making process with a comprehensive understanding of how IT should be aligned with business. That’s when non-technology skills should kick in to help. Here are 6 skills that IT leaders should obtain:
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  • Is LinkedIn the Best tool for Recruiting?

    by User Not Found on Sep 26, 2011
    As a technical recruiter, you don’t want to miss the world’s largest professional network, a.k.a “LinkedIn”. Facing a huge talent pool like this, are you excited or worried? Has LinkedIn become the best tool for recruiting, or specifically, technical recruiting? How to make LinkedIn YOUR best tool for recruiting? Here are a few suggestions from our experienced recruiters:
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